Make:                   Volkswagon 

Model:                 Beetle Bug

Production:      1938-Present

Origin:                 Germany

The Volkswagon Beetle is known as a two-door rear engine economy car that was made for four occupants. Formulated by Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany at the time, he wanted to create a “people’s car”. He wanted to mass produce a cheap and simple car for the country’s new road network. 


In 1938 the design was finalized by Ferdinand Porshe. It resulted in one of the first rear engine cars since the brass era and the very first Volkswagon.


With over 21,000,000 produced, the Volkswagon Beetle is the longest running and most manufactured car of a single platform ever made. The Beetle was only produced in significant numbers starting after 1945, due to production being placed on hold due to the Second World War. The model was marketed as the ‘Volkswagon’ or ‘People’s Car’.


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