Make:                   Velocar

Model:                 Charles Mochet

Year:                    1953

Origin:                 Puteaux, France   

Production:        1931-1958

Engine:                125 cc

Georges Mochet began to produce cycle-cars at his, no demolished, premises at 68, Rue Roque-de-Fillol at Puteaux in approximately 1946 and by about 1952 had progressed to more modern looking two-seater micro-cars and powered two-wheelers. In 1958, with approximately 3,000 vehicles manufactured, production ended.


Georges had inherited the business from his father, Charles Mochet (1880-1934) under whose leadership it had, after the First World War, produced children's pedal cars, and between 1924 and 1934, the 'Velocar' lightweight, pedal-powered, cycle-car. In 1934, the firms revolutionary 'Vélo-Vélocar' recumbent bicycles, ridden to record-breaking speeds by Francis Faure, were banned from cycling competitions by the Union Cycliste Internationale. Charles Mochet died soon after.

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