Make:                  Trojan

Model:                 200 Bubble Car

Year:                    1962

Origin:                 London, England

Production:        1961 – 1965 | 7,000

Engine:                198cc 

Originally founded by general engineer, Leslie Hounsfield, who had an idea to make a simple, economical car that was easy to drive. Design began in 1910 and by 1913 a prototype was ready. War broke out from 1914 to 1918 delaying production. In 1925, the Trojan Utility Car went onto the market at £230 but was reduced down to £125, the same as a Model T Ford. 


The company ran the slogan “Can you afford to walk?” and calculated that over 200 miles it would cost more in shoes and socks than to cover the distance by Trojan Car. 


In 1959 Peter Agg purchased the company and from 1960 to 1965 the Trojan 200 was produced. Trojan produced these 3-wheeled vehicles to take advantage of the British tax laws. The license was acquired from Ernest Heinkel and his bubble car design. Heinkel, a German aircraft manufacturer, like others, was not permitted to produce airplanes after WWII. Trojan 200 would be the last vehicle wearing the Trojan name. The car is RHD and capable of speeds of up to 55mph. It has a claimed 100mpg fuel consumption. The company existed as Trojan Limited from February 2, 1914 until March 13, 2013 as it was dissolved via “Voluntary Strike-off.” 

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