Make:                   Jaguar

Model:                 XK140 OTS  

Year:                    1957 

Origin:                 Coventry, England  

Production:        1954-1957 | 2,310       

Engine:                3.4L DOHC Straight-6  

The XK140 was introduced in late 1954 but sold as a 1955 model and continued briefly until its final year in 1957. The prior year model was actually the first Jaguar sports car to offer an automatic transmission. Only a few details had changed from the XK120 to the XK140.  


Slight exterior differences between the XK120 and the XK140, included a more substantial rear and front bumper with overriders, and flashing turn signals above the front bumper. The Jaguar badge was incorporated into the grille and surrounded. Also, an emblem on the trunk contained the words “Winner Le Mans 1951-3” The same engine powered the 140 as the 120, however a Special Equipment modification raised the horsepower by 10 bhp to 190 bhp as standard. Firewall, engine and dash were moved three inches to increase legroom in the front seats and two extra small seats in the rear were added. 


The Jaguar XK150 replaced the XK140 in 1957 until its final production year in 1961. 

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