Make:                   HMV

Model:                  Freeway

Year:                    1981

Origin:                 Burnsville, Minnesota

Production:        1972-1982

Engine:                 16HP

Heading The HMV (H-M-Vehicles) Free-Way was built in Burnsville, Minnesota and produced from 1979 to 1982. It was a small, compact microcar the measured 115-inches in length and just 51 inches tall. They had a single seat and were powered by either a 12 or 16 horsepower gasoline engine or a four-horsepower electric motor.  The company offered the vehicle with a diesel engine but none were ordered with it.


These three-wheeled microcars were economical, with 100 mpg for the 12 horsepower engine when driven at a frightening 40 mph. The 'larger' 16 horsepower version still faired well, achieving around 60 to 70 mpg.


The engine could be found behind the driver and was mated to a snowmobile-style CVT belt drive transmission. The Free-Way powered by gasoline did not have a reverse gear in its transmission, making it a bit awkward when trying to maneuver backward. An electrically powered reverse drive was available as optional equipment but was never made available.

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