Make:                   Frisky

Model:                 Family Three 

Year:                    1959

Origin:                 Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Production:        1958 - 1964 | 1500 

Engine:                 197 cc, One-Cylinder 

British businessman and racing driver Captain Raymond Flower had the idea of producing a small car while living in Egypt. Back in Britain during the Suez crisis, he collaborated with Henry Meadows Limited of Wolverhampton, a well-known engine builder.


The new car was known as the "Frisky". Captain Flower's original design was not used and the body was restyled as a gullwing by Alfredo Vignale and Co of Turin and shipped direct from there to the 1957 Geneva Motor Show. The Gullwing never went into production. Judged as impractical for production, the Frisky was once again restyled with open bodywork and conventional doors. The first production model was known as the "Frisky Sport".


In 1958, the company became Frisky Cars Ltd and a new sports car called the 'Sprint' was developed but never put into production due to high manufacturing costs.


1959 saw the introduction of the  'Family Three' which had lower production costs and tax savings for the customer due to the three-wheel configuration.


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