Make:                   Ferrari  

Model:                 Dino 246GT 

Year:                    1972

Origin:                 Milan, Italy  

Production:        1969-1974 | 2,295        

Engine:                 2.4L V6     

The Dino was a name used by Ferrari between 1968 and 1976 to distinguish from its models with engines fewer than 12 cylinders. The Dino name was in honor of founder Enzo Ferrari’s son and heir, Alfredo “Dino” Ferrari. The Dino brand was used to offer a Ferrari type vehicle at a relatively “affordable” cost until it was discontinued in 1976.  


The reason for the Dino was to compete with the Porsche 911 but at a more efficient price. In order to do this and to keep from diminishing the Ferrari name with a V6 model, the Dino was created. In order for the new V6 to race in the 1.6 L Formula 2 category in 1967, the rules called for 500 production vehicles to be manufactured. Enzo Ferrari asked Fiat to co-produce a sports car using the V6; hence the Fiat Dino was born. 


The first Dino production model was the 1968 Dino 206GT. A year later, the Dino 246 was created and was the first Ferrari produced in high numbers. The body of the 246 GT was now made out of steel instead of aluminum and offered three different series. Dino 246 produced 2,295 GTs and 1,274 GTS’, total number of 3,569. 

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