Make:                   Daimler

Model:                 Conquest Century Drophead     

Year:                    1954

Origin:                 United Kingdom 

Production:        1953-1958 | 4,818 (54’)    

Engine:                2,433 Cu. In. Straight-6  

Bernard Docker became managing director of Daimler in January of 1953 and within four months of his new position, the Daimler Conquest was developed. The Daimler Conquest began production in 1953 but due to increasing prices and fuel shortages caused by the Suez Crisis, the development of this model became short-lived and end in 1958. 


The Conquest featured an all-steel body similar to that of a Lanchester Leda, a subsidiary of Daimler. Even though the Daimler Conquest was presented as a new car, the saloon chassis and running gear had originated with the 1950 Lanchester Fourteen or Leda. Also, features a powered roof folding mechanism. 


The Daimler Conquest Century was the best seller in 1954 of all the model options with 4,818 of them produced. The “Century” name, coming from a hundred-horsepower and a hundred miles an hour.  

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