Make:                   Autobianchi 

Model:                 Bianchina Coupe   

Year:                    1959

Origin:                 Milan, Italy

Production:        1957 – 1970 | 10,000    

Engine:                499cc I2   

One of the original founders, Edoardo Bianchi, started his company in 1885 specializing in high-end luxury cars. Unfortunately, the company’s factory was destroyed during a WWII bombing. After a fatal car accident in 1946, the company passed on to Edorardo’s son, Giuseppe who knew that car productions could not continue without assistance. In 1955, Bianchi, Pirelli and Fiat joined forces.  


The first car off the new company’s production line was the Bianchina in 1957, whose name was a tribute to Edorardo Bianchi’s first 1899 car. The Bianchina was a minicar based on the Fiat 500. A variety of configurations were available: Berlina (saloon), Cabriolet (roadster), Transformabile (convertible), Panoramica (station wagon), and Furgoncino (van) just to name a few.  


With many upscale features and premium designs, the Bianchina was an upscale city car positioned above the Fiat 500 in the market. The Bianchina remained the focal body style until the very last model in 1970, the Furgonetta van (tall roof.) 

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