Make:                   Chevrolet

Model:                 Corvette Stingray Coupe

Origin:                 St. Louis, Missouri   

Production:        C2 1963-1967 | 8,504 (67')          

Engine:                 427 in. Big Block Tri-Power V8 430-560 bhp   


The second generation of Corvette (C2), introduced the Sting Ray model. The Sting Ray continued with fiberglass body panels and was overall smaller than the first generation. The second generation was later referred to as the Corvette’s “mid-years.” 


The car was designed by Larry Shinoda based off of a previous concept called the “Q Corvette,” styled under the direction of Bill Mitchell. In 1959, Mitchell had sponsored a car known as the “Mitchell Sting Ray” due to Chevrolet no longer participating in factory racing. Another inspiration Mitchell had was a Mako Shark he had caught while deep-sea fishing.   


The “Sting Ray” edition was made as the first Corvette couple in 1963 until the final year of production in 1967. The Sting Ray featured hidden headlamps unlike the previous quad-lamps also non-functioning. The back-up lamps were now rectangular and centrally located as opposed to being on the inboard in 1966. Some options had the first L88 engine that was rated at 430 bhp but some unofficial ratings had it at 560 bhp. Only twenty such engines were installed at the factory.  

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