Make:                   Allard

Model:                 K3 Roadster  

Year:                    1953 

Origin:                 London, England  

Production:        1952-1956 | 62       

Engine:                331cu. in. Chrysler Hemi 

In 1952, Allard modified their Palm Beach model to the K3. The K3 offered a more civilized version of their J2 and J2X models seen on the track. Allard exported this model to America as a potential “Corvette slayer,” featuring one of the most powerful engines of its era, the 331 cu. in. Chrysler hemi engine fitted with a pair of 4-barrel carburetors.  


The K3 represented significant advances to earlier Allard models. The K3 features full-width bodywork, which was lighter and stronger than previous makes, coil spring suspension in the front and a remarkable de Dion rear suspension and flat-oval grille.   


With a high price tag of $5,300 when new, very few people were able to purchase this model and only 62 were built. Allard only produced approximately 1900 vehicles before they came to a halt of production and trading in 1958.   

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