Make:                  Allard

Model:                 L-Type

Year:                    1948

Origin:                 London, England 

Production:        1946-1950 | 191 

Engine:               3,622cc Ford V8 

Allard Motor Company Limited was a London-based low volume car manufacturer founded in 1945 by Sydney Allard, which began in a small southwest London facility. Allards featured large American V8 engines in a lightweight British chassis and body prior to the development of the Sunbeam Tiger and AC Cobra of the ‘60s. Cobra designer, Carroll Shelby and Chevrolet Corvette chief engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov both drove Allards in the early ‘50s. 


The first Allards were built to compete in British “trials,” timed rally-like events on rough terrain almost non-drivable by wheeled vehicles. A ford flathead V8 engine with a body similar to that of a Bugatti racer comprised the first Allard made. The powerful American V8 provided the high torque needed for the slow-speed competition.  


Additional Allards were built to order using a variety of large, Ford-sourced engines, including a V12 Lincoln-Zephyr model. Like many car manufacturers of that time, war had effected production on the Allards. By the outbreak in 1939, only 12 Allard Specials had been built. Sydney Allard’s volume production plan had been put on hold by work on Ford based trucks during the conflict. By the end, Allard had amassed a substantial amount of Ford parts. 


With an array of Ford parts collected during WWII, Allard set his designs in motion introducing three post-war models: the J, a sports car used for competitions; the K, slightly larger intended for everyday use, and a four seat model named the L. Production was low and demand was high for cars in general, which led to the production of several larger models, the drophead coupe M and P. 


The L, produced from 1946 to 1950, can easily be distinguished by it’s large grille from other Allards. Two options of the L were available with a choice of a 3,622cc Ford V8 or 4,375cc Mercury engines. Only 191 models were made, 19 still remain and only seven in the United States.  

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