Make:                   Alfa Romeo

Model:                 Guilia Spider  

Year:                    1964 

Origin:                 Portello, Milan, Italy  

Production:        1962-1978 | 9,000        

Engine:                1.6 Litre

In August 1915, the company came under direction of Neapolitan entrepreneur, Nicola Romeo who converted the factory to produce military hardware for the Italian Allied war efforts. Five years later in 1920, the name of the company was changed to Alfa Romeo with the Torpedo 20-30 HP, the first car to be badged.  


Financial troubles plagued the company both before and after WWII. The bank, which had backed Nicola Romeo & Co., went bankrupt and the government stepped in to help. Soon after, Nicola Romeo left in 1933 and the ownership was passed to Istituto per la Ricostruzone Industriale (IRI) under Benito Mussolini’s government. In order to help the company’s struggles post WWII, focus turned to mass-production of small vehicles rather than hand building luxury models.   


Prior to the Giulia, Alfa Romeo was a relatively small production company focusing on large, expensive vehicles. The Giulia and its predecessor, the Giulietta changed all that. Alfa Romeo was able to produce a significant amount of capable, yet charming cars.  The new models offered a vehicle that wasn’t very expensive, nor too small. The Guilia Spiders have been accounted for just over 9,000 assemblies, but few are believed to still exist. 

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